Argumentative essay , English homework help

***Please make sure to read the instructions bellow and the file that I have uploaded***.
please remember:
1. the essay should be a Problem/Solution essay.
2. I have uploaded three essays (Mantsios, Parker, and Arnold) they are all talking about topics related to poverty. quote the examples they had talked about and use it as sources.
3. The thesis must be in the introduction.
4. In the introduction paragraph write briefly about the problems (topics) that you will discuss in the essay.
5. Give your solution for the cycle of poverty in the thesis.
6. you should write an Introduction paragraph and conclusion and three body paragraphs each one should discuss one problem the authors had discuss in their essays; Education, Healthcare, government role.
7. use examples from the author’s argument and put your comment after the examples to support your point.
8. each author had talked about more than one topic, quote from the topics that I have give you.
9. remember to have a topic sentence in the first of each body paragraph.
10. remember to quote and you must use quotation mark.
11. The paper should include 5 pages.
after the introduction paragraph please write 3 body paragraphs:
In The first body paragraph talk about (health care) and use examples from Mantsios and Parker essays.
In The second paragraph write about (education) and use examples and quote from Mantsios and Parker essays.
In The third paragraph write about ( Government Role) and use examples and quote from Mantsios and Arnold essays.
the thesis should be like:
The best solution for poverty is ___________________ because______________________.
Thesis Example: (just example)
Because of the way identity categories impact the cycle of poverty, the best solution for poverty is to provide more equal resources and opportunities, especially with education.
Simply in each body paragraph pick one topic from the topics that I gave you, and give examples about the topic that they had discussed, and write your comment about their examples, and your opinion about the problem and the solution they gave.
This is my final paper and I have to get an A, please make it perfect.