art 100 virtual museums discussion

List of Virtual Museums and Virtual Cultural SitesPreview the document

  1. Explore the Virtual Museums and Virtual Cultural Sites on the list below, or search the internet to discover more.
  2. Select and list the 5 most amazing or interesting Virtual Art Museums and/or Virtual Cultural sites you can find. Copy and paste the links.
  3. Describe each one of the five. Write 3-4 sentences for each of the links.
  4. For museums, what is the focus of their collections? What kind of art do they mostly exhibit? What periods or styles? Which major artists are represented? What makes them so incredible and unique?
  5. For cultural sites, briefly describe the site, tell us when it was made and by whom? Then summarize what each site tells us about the culture and people who created it.
  6. Select your favorite. Which one is the most intriguing and interesting to you? Would you like to visit in person? Explain why.

I have attached a document with additional information to complete this assignment