Art 5 Text Questions


Review Questions

  1. Describe two of the three column styles found in ancient Greek architecture.
  2. What were Ushabti? What purpose did they have?
  3. Describe the typical way of depicting humans in Egyptian art. Why were humans depicted in this way?
  4. What is the “proportional system” in Egyptian art? What effect did this have on Egyptian art?
  5. Identify and describe two different styles of Greek pottery.

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Compare and contrast the statues of humans found in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.
  2. What influences what we know about ancient art? How is our knowledge of ancient art similar to or different from our knowledge of prehistoric art?
  3. What are some of the similarities and differences in ancient art across different cultures?
  4. Choose one piece of art shown in the unit. In about two paragraphs, create an art critique for this piece of art.
  5. Compare and contrast ancient art to prehistoric art. What are the differences and similarities?


Choose one piece of art from the unit and identify three elements or principles of art that are used in the work. How do these aspects influence the artwork?

Which piece of art in the unit is your favorite? Why?