art aprreciation

part 1

Look at three pictures that I upload and answer three discussion questions

Each discussion should around 200 words.

Do not use any source from internet, do not plagiarism

Look at Picture 1 and answer Question: Why do artists use stories along with the purely visual information in their art work?

Look at Picture 2 and answer Question: Compare some of the different mediums artists use to make work. What artistic medium do you see the most often? Have you seen any artwork made with surprising materials?

Look at Picture 3 and answer Question: Describe what you might find in an art work that would fall under the term: visual dynamics.

part 2

choose two pictures yourself from internet and post 2 images with a short explanation about how each relates to :

The classification of medium is introduced in this weeks reading. Painting, drawing, printmaking are all mediums used by artists to record their messages. Artists can use two dimensional or three dimensional mediums. And the ephemeral work of installation and performance have entered our crowded world. Art does not need to be permanent, it can be expressed, its reality captured in written accounts and photographic images. In those documentations the art work continues to “exist”.

each short explanation around 100 words