Article Review and student response

****Article Review Due by Thursday****

****Student Responses Due by Saturday****

Note: Only journal articles will be accepted.

Students are to find and critique a journal article related to topics covered in the course. Each student is to find an online article from an academic journal, provide a pdf copy for review. Points will be assigned based on student participation and adherence to the JAR guidelines at the end of this document. Points are awarded by the following criteria: 25 points for providing a copy of your specific journal article, 25 points for how well you evaluate the article’s subject matter relevant to the course and JAR guidelines, and 25 points per response to at least two other students’ articles. If you don’t participate in the journal article review during the week it is assigned, you will not receive credit.

Be sure you properly cite your journal article – in the text of your response and in the reference list – in accordance to APA writing standards. Twenty points will be deducted if articles are not properly cited.

I have attached the JAR GUIDELINES

I have attached notes for Chapter 9 & 10 for the week. If you have questions about other topics covered in the course please let me know.