Asimov’s Cult of Ignorance

Look at the attachment below and read the article. This article was originally published in 1980 but, as you may see, still has relevance today.

As you read, it is wise to jot down a few notes on what you believe to be the main issue of the article, what you believe the article’s thesis/position on that issue to be, and on how the author structures his points/makes his argument–be sure to note specific quotes that support these ideas. I recommend reading twice just to be sure you grasp all details and nuances.

When you are done reading and annotating, please write a short 5 paragraph essay which answers the following questions:

What point is Asimov making in A Cult of Ignorance? How do you think the author’s points relate to current events?

Simple sentences are greatly encouraged.

The essay should consist of the following:

Intro–2-3 sentences which introduce the text and state a thesis (essentially, your answer to the questions above) make sure it is a proper thesis with three arguments to support the body paragraphs

3 body paragraphs–3 sentences each, minimum; each paragraph must have a topic sentence, a piece of evidence, and a sentence of analysis/explanation that ties the evidence to the thesis.

Conclusion–2-3 sentences which briefly restate thesis and analysis, and perhaps give the issue you have just discussed a broader context.

That’s between 13 and 15 sentences total.