3 4 pages consulting analysis report

3-4 pages double spaced

Include the following new content:


•Identify the primary security risks your distributed system might face.

•Determine the threat level in terms of likelihood and impact on the business.

•Based on the likelihood and impact of the security threats, determine the order in which threats should be addressed, and prepare an action plan to reduce the threat from each risk listed in priority order.

I could also use your help with improving my project from the previous section in my paper -Resources and Timeline section. I will include the instructors feedback here in this email and if you can look over and redo whats missing I will include a 15 dollar tip. I think its just my table that’s incomplete but im just not getting it. Here are the project deliverables from that week, maybe you can see what im missing.

Here is what my professor wrote-

Hi Randle : Total points earned (rounded): 80 out of 100 (80%). Task Requirements points earned: 18.75 out of 25 (75%). Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 41.25 out of 55 (75%). Academic writing and format points earned: 20 out of 20 (100%). Strengths: Good high level plan. Opportunities for improvement: You needed more detail, tasks should have start and end dates, with resources and costs assigned to each task.

I will also include a copy of my project here as you will need to review what ive done so far so that you can help me with the last section