Orgnaizational Management Strategy – Week 2


  1. Vision Statements 
    Organizational vision statements can take come interesting directions.  Using the Web, find three examples of organizational vision statements and write them down.  What do you think of these statements?  Do they fit the four components of an organizational vision?  How might these statements affect the strategic choices made by the company’s strategic decision makers? Respond substantively to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.
  2. Organizational Knowledge
    To be useful, organizational “knowledge” has to be captured and used.  Here are some ways of capturing it and using it effectively: (a) keep it human; (b) focus on useful knowledge and “know-how”; (c) collect artifacts; (d) avoid an insular, isolated focus; and (e) keep your knowledge fresh.  Briefly explain what you think each of these suggestions means.  As you write your explanations, discuss the implications for strategic decision makers.  Respond substantively to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.  I do have the ebook for this class


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Out of Tune 

Read Chapter 2, Case #4: Out of Tune.  Answer questions 1-3 in a
3-5 page APA style paper (excluding title and reference pages), and supported with the concepts outlined in your text and from your previous classes.

  1. Describe the business context facing the music industry in the case.  Support your analysis using Figure 2.3 on page 39 of the text.
  2. Evaluate the strategic responses used by the record industry in coping with the changing environment.
  3. Describe how proponents of the industrial organization (I/O), resource-based view (RBV), and the guerrilla view would each analyze this case.