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Assignment: Circumference Investigation

Search around the house for six objects that are circular, or have a circular part, such as a cylinder. Try to find a variety of sizes of circles.

  1. Illustrate each object. Measure the circumference and diameter of the circular part and label them in the illustration.

Object 1

Object 2

Object 3

Object 4

Object 5

Object 6

Note: To find the circumference you could

a)  Get a flexible ruler that is used for sewing.

b)  Use a string around the circumference and then measure the length of the string.

Fill in the table with the diameter and circumference of your object. Then find the ratio of the circumference to the diameter.










  1. All the ratios of the circumference to the diameter should be close to the same number. If not, double check your measurements. What special number is equal to the ratio of the circumference to the diameter?
  1. Do you think that this ratio is the same if the circles are measured in miles rather than centimeters or inches?