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Assignment: Solving Proportions Investigation

Help Tyler solve each of these problems by writing a proportion, solving it and then writing a sentence explaining what the solution means in terms of the problem.  Be sure to show your calculations.



Solve It

Solution as a Sentence

Tyler earns $7 in allowance every 2 days for doing all his chores on the farm. How much allowance does he earn for 2 weeks of doing chores every day?

One of Tyler’s chores is to feed the chickens.  Two bags of chicken feed will last 5 days. How many days will 8 bags of chicken feed last?

Tyler also collects eggs from the hens each day. On average, for every 4 hens 3 eggs are laid each day. If the farm has 24 hens, how many eggs does Tyler collect each day?

A tree on the farm casts a shadow that is 5 feet long. Tyler standing next to the tree casts a shadow that is 2 feet tall.  If Tyler is 4 feet tall and the shadows are proportional to the heights, how tall is the tree?

Tyler knows that the ratio of male to female horses on the farm is 2 to 3. If there are 12 male horses, how many female horses are there?

Tyler adds vitamin drops to the water the rabbits on the farm drink. Three drops of vitamins are added to every 4 pints. If the rabbits’ water container holds 16 pints, how many drops should be added to it?