four questions that need to be answered 200 words each

With our ever-increasing global economy and ability to communicate across the world in real time, how does a global perspective help when examining elements of culture? 

How does the race-conflict approach coincide with or oppose the concept of multiculturalism? 

The structural-functional analysis of culture rests in the concepts of idealism, which places values at the center of culture. Briefly describe an example of this analysis that you can find. Does this cultural pattern help society to operate as a whole? If it does not, explain why, or explain why it belongs in a different analysis (social-conflict; sociobiology). 

While the media may try to communicate a message of non-bias when it comes to gender in advertising, there is still a significant amount of information that communicates the exact opposite. Identify the different sociological approaches when it comes to gender and research, and then find these examples in advertising and the media. Why do you think this still occurs in the United States? Describe the different examples you found and how they apply to the sociological perspective.