The student will be required to identify a problem in public administration. The paper should include an abstract, introduction, background on the issue, detailed presentation of the importance of the issue, discussion of possible solutions, and a recommendation for the solution. The paper should be 8-10 pages and include a minimum of five scholarly resources to support their work. Annotated bibliographies train the research-oriented student on the systematic process of formulating literature reviews that are used in technical reports, academic research and capstone projects. You may choose a topic of interest that pertains to public administration for the annotated bibliography. The citation style of your paper should be APA. You should include less than 10 sources, of which can only be from referred journal articles, books or book chapters. 2 Required Citation Sources are both ebooks that can be found at redshelf.com Milakovich & Gordon: Shafritz & Hyde: Here is a template of what it should look like in APA style.