The simplest way to explain a literature review is that it is a compilation of at least 5 of the resources you will utilize for your final project. You'll pull out key facts/information from those resources that will ultimately address the questions asked of the final project criteria and "review" that information in a paper format. It's a bit different from the annotated bibliography we completed in week 2, as that summarized individual articles, but did not ask for each summary to "flow in a paper format" like a literature review does. The information you included in the outline is a GREAT start for the literature review – so you'll merely be "adding resources" to what you have found. This will ideally provide a foundation for your final project/rough draft. The sources and information compiled within this assignment can then be incorporated for the rough draft next week (think of it as a way to complete half of your rough draft). I included a link in our announcements that provides a variety of literature reviews that I think will help you see how everything should "fit together".