The point of this field activity and analysis assignment is to get you to start critically thinking about and watching the different kinds of sales efforts that we are confronted with every day. The more attention you place on these daily interactions, the more you can learn from them, realize what techniques are being utilized, and consider how you could adapt them to improve your sales strategies. During the next few weeks, you will need to go to or be involved in 3 sales establishments/ situations/transactions of any kind – retail, wholesale, internal or external sales, distributor, etc. Note and critique the salesperson's technique how they/their techniques addressed the following questions: What kind of an opening was used? Were questions used? How was the sales pitch? FAB or something else? What kind of a trial close (if any) was used? How was the close (if things got that far?). What lessons can you learn from what you experienced? Your 3- to 5-page write-up, 1- to 1.5-pages for each experience, should summarize the key points to each of the 6 questions above for each experience. Follow APA format and support your perspective with a minimum of two sources.