The paper for this course is worth 100 points. The format is your choice; APA, MLA, etc. (so cite in-text with either the author or number). Please have a cumulative reference page at the end of the paper. You should have at least 10-12 solid references. Be very careful of plagiarism – your paper will be checked thoroughly with internet scanning. Any such action will result in a failing grade. Guidelines: The paper should be a minimum of 12 pages and not exceed 15 pages (excluding reference page). It should be double spaced, with one inch margins, and a 12 font. The paper will have four parts. Each of the following parts should have a separate heading with your response General Overview, Historical, and Chronological Overview. First, this includes a general overview/description/explanation of the topic. Basic statistics and demographics are here too. What population is impacted most? What is the long term history associated with it and when was it first identified as a topic of concern? Describe the chronological advancement of the topic (i.e. how it has progressed over time, what factors were involved in allowing it to grow). Harmful Impact After listing the affected population in number 1, expound now with an explanation of the harmful effects of the issue occurring in society as it exists, what problems are now known? If disease related (or addictive behavior), what are the signs/symptoms and associated effects. Topic Addressed – Improving/Preventing How is the topic currently addressed? Explain how it was initially viewed by society, and how it is currently viewed. Are there support groups? Is there education for or against? Is there legislation to change? Is there financial support? What does the future hold – will it change for the better, or remain a long-time challenge? Final thoughts. You have selected this topic – so now express your opinion regarding why it should be considered as serious and what should be done to improve things for this issue.