The following questionnaire items are problematic from a research perspective. Identify the problem for 3 of the items and explain why it is a problem for that item. Then, provide a replacement for the item (a better way to ask the question). Before trying to solve an item’s problem, try to figure out what you think the author of the item is trying to measure with it. To what extent is your lack of experience affecting your ability to make a competent vote decision? What do you think of news media today? Please evaluate Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States. Do you think that he has done a good job as Vice President, an average job, a less than average job as Vice President, a terrible job, or an extremely bad job as Vice President? How many times have you listened to music on an iPod? Do you watch movies because (a) you enjoy going out with your friends, or (b) movies make you laugh? Do you trust Fox News always, most of time, or some of the time? Do you believe that the U.S. should spend more on domestic programs? How many days in the past week did you talk with your co-workers or talk on-line with others about politics? Preventive care is extremely important to your health. Have you happened to get a check up this year at your doctor’s office?