The name of the company associated with this project is MedExpress. A company founded in West Virginia. The link to their website is: https://www.medexpress.com/ The project description and a sample are attached. All work will be submitted through TurnitIn and must be original work, cited and referenced throughout the paper. I am awaiting confirmation from my professor that the company I chose is acceptable. I should know by June 14th if this company is acceptable. Will you be willing to wait until I can provide that confirmation? I don't foresee there being an issue but I need confirmation from my professor before I can proceed. Please respond ASAP. The company has been approved. Here is some more information that must e considered and included in this project. Please verify you've received this information and will continue to work on the assignment. Thank you. MedExpress Urgent Care based in Morgantown, WV for the group project. It was founded in Morgantown in 2001. Since that time it has grown rapidly opening urgent care centers in several other states and continues to expand. MedExpress is a division of OptumHealth which is itself part of United Health Group. Professor's notes and requirements: I've been wondering if your consumers are any different from the consumers of the regular (non-urgent) hospitals, do they come from certain demographic groups (certain age or income categories). Perhaps they are not different. On your analysis, I would look at, among others, the forecast of population, by age group, if possible, and discuss how the expected growth in population may affect the demand for your product in the near future. You may want to discuss also the effect of any new government regulations on demand. I don't know much about its the supply-chain. Does it have any cooperation with any drug companies? Given the population trend (aging population) I would guess there is always the potential for market expansion .. you may want to discuss that as well. Don't forget to look at the interest rate when talking about the possibility of expansion.