The first purpose of this assignment is to further your knowledge about using library resources to find and gather scholarly research information. The second purpose is to help you begin to learn how to integrate new research with already established concepts that are found in the textbook. Please locate one article from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal that is related to a topic found in the textbook. This article must be either quantitative or qualitative, meaning that the authors conducted an experiment, survey, or interview, and came to a conclusion based on the results of the data analysis. Also, a mixed method article, which involves aspects of both qualitative and quantitative research, is acceptable. The article must have been published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal between the years of 2000-2016. What to Include: Read the article and write a review that includes the following sections: Summary of the Article (1/3 of your paper): Tell me about the key points of the research (background, methods, results, and discussion sections). In other words: What was the main idea of the article? Why did the researchers perform the study? What were the hypotheses? Who were the participants? What methods were used? Did the results support the hypotheses? Connection to the Course (1/3 of your paper): Refer to one topic/concept in the textbook and discuss how your article relates to the material in the text. Thoroughly explain the topic in the book. Do not assume that I will know what you are talking about. Does your article support what is in the textbook? How do the results contribute to what is in the book? Conclusion (1/3 of your paper): State your opinion of the article. Did you enjoy reading it? What scientific methods were used, and were they appropriate for the hypotheses? Why did you choose this article? Will this information help you in your field of study or career? We strongly encourage you to use and refer to the rubric as you write the paper. This is what we will be using to grade the paper. Formatting Specifics: Please include your name at the top of your paper (no title page needed). Papers should be typed in size 12 Times New Roman font, have 1 inch margins, be double-spaced, and 2-3 pages in length. Your paper should exhibit appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You must use in-text citations and include a reference page. For citations and references, you should follow standard APA format. If you are unfamiliar with APA style formatting, please review the resources on our D2L site, and/or the OWL at Purdue. Also, please submit a PDF copy of your article that you reviewed. There will be point deductions if these components are missing in the final paper. If needed, please visit the Writing Center on campus for additional assistance. Therefore, in the dropbox for Paper #1, you must submit both your paper and a PDF copy of the article you reviewed. Your paper will not be graded if you do not submit a PDF copy of the article!