The essay assignment for this week is to compose a paper of at least 750 words in which you offer your interpretation of a key theme in one of the assigned poems. You should open your essay with an introductory paragraph that presents your poem as well as its author. Information about the poet and the social context surrounding the writing of the poem can be found in your textbook. End your introduction with a thesis statement that identifies and interprets a key theme of the poem. Each paragraph following the introduction should present specific aspects of the poem that help to illustrate and support your thesis. Make sure to quote and analyze specific lines that support your argument. Include a concluding paragraph at the end that summarizes the main points of the paper and explains the significance of the thesis Apply APA rules of style to source citations as well as the overall formatting of your essay. Be sure to include a title page and a References page. You may create your essay in this APA-formatted template. Below is the poem I chose that I would like to do the paper on T. S. Eliot: THE WINTER EVENING SETTLES DOWN 1917 The winter evening settles down With smell of steaks in passageways. Six o’clock.