The effect of war on disadvantaged groups/minorities: The United States has provided opportunities for women and/or racial and ethnic groups during conflict and post-conflict. However, war has also limited opportunities for those same groups. Additional Requirements Min Pages: 12 Max Pages: 15 Level of Detail: Show all work Other Requirements: Then, consider the following questions to help structure, articulate, and support your argument for the theme you have chosen. Keep in mind, your paper should reflect the United States’ history of war from the Second World War to the present day. How has the American experience of war changed over the course of these conflicts? What philosophical or moral issues were raised by these conflicts? What were the main political, social, economic, and/or intellectual trends during the individual wars, and did those trends continue through the other conflicts? How have these wars at once affected and reflected the social attitudes and values of American society? Have the attitudes and values changed during these conflicts? Requirements The paper must be 12-15 pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins, and a 12-point standard font (such as Arial or Times New Roman). The paper should include readings from the course and at least five (5) additional primary sources to defend your argument. Primary source documents include items such as pictures, cartoons, letters, or articles created during the period being discussed. Refer to the Primary Sources list below when selecting appropriate primary sources for your paper. Additionally, the paper must follow APA guidelines. Additional Requirements