The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has created a list of principles to aid organizations in dealing with people and organizations in different countries with different cultures. Just because speaking to a colleague in a certain manner is acceptable in one culture does not mean it is acceptable in other cultures. To prepare for this Application Assignment, read Chapter 12, "Culture and Information Systems Security" from your course textbook Principles of Information Security. Conduct an Internet search for the OECD to identify the nine principles they have adopted for IS security. Looking at those principles, create a table that documents where those nine principles fit into a company's financial department. In other words, what would a company's financial department have to do for each of the principles to ensure IS security by OECD's standards? Make sure to include at least the following financial department responsibilities in the table: Payroll Paid time off Retirement plans Medical plans Accounts payable Accounts receivable Investments Loans Interacting with financial departments of other companies.