Take this topic: Freedom of Speech This paper is only Methods and Results. ANY TOPIC ( Appendix is optional). Citation is not expected, just work with the images. Methods: the sources of your images how (when and where) you acquired the source and the 10 (minimum) images why you chose these sources (and not others, if applicable) how you sifted through and categorized the images (e.g., chronologically or the reverse, and according to any or several of the 10 aspects covered or your own focus). + 1/2 – 3/4 page typically. Results: Here you describe in detail your images, Use subject-by-subject (compare and contrast) organization OR use point-to-point according to your topic. For example, if you're doing a more historical approach (images across the years) then subject-to-subject may be best, especially if the images are quite different from one another, while a more recent sampling might warrant point-to-point (gender, age, setting, etc.) if the images have striking similarities. Again, refrain from noting the significance of anything – just report what you see.