Can you please write an essay about 1200 words on the topic below

Take the main principles in one theory (Kantian Ethics and Contractarianism), and apply them to a situation or character. What would that theory say is the morally right or best thing to do. Use the Steps in Applying found in your text. Show all steps and explain in detail how that step would apply. Practicing these steps will greatly help you when completing the application paper. When you’ve done the theory, post it on the BB. For example:

Think of a person/character on television, in the movies, in a book, in the newspaper, etc. that found themselves faced with an ethical issue. State the ethical issue that faced the person. Now think – if that person were a true Kantian (or follower of Virtue Ethics or Contractarian) what would that person have done. Use theSteps in Applying to show what the person would have done. As always, do not just give your results, show your moral reasoning.

Be sure to give us a little summary of the person/character in case we are not familiar with them.

Follow the inserted box called “Applying…” For either Kant or Rawls. Be sure to include each step.

Finally, make at least three helpful and substantial replies to fellow students by Sunday midnight.