Sports Data Analysis I was asked to chose any sports and make a research through bid data (which has to be inserted in excel) and make a conclusion based on that data. For example, on a previous course one of the students made a research about "Do the results of the first four games indicate the final position of a team by the end of the Barclays Premier League season?". The work is attached to this document. (mine doesnt have to be exactly the same style) There are few things that came to my mind about the possible reseacrh you could do: 1st option – I would like to have a statystical analysis about the 3 pointers in the NBA. From the research, first of all I would like to know if the amount of 3 pointers have increased from the 1996 season in general. Second, I want to know if the teams that scored (or attempted) more 3 pointers had a better position in the league. The reason for that reseach is a perfect game by Stephen Curry and the enourmous amount of 3 pointers he did during the season. Was it just a one-season success or teams have moved towards shooting more 3 pointers? You could improve this topic by making some other conclusions 2nd option – English Barclays Premier League. Does the value of a team (players) effect the teams performance in a season? How important is the squad value for winning a league title? Again, Statistical research has to be based on not less than 10 previous years. 3d option – again Barclays Premier League (or any other) and Does the team average age effect the team performance in a season? Basically, here you would need to first indicate the average ages of teams for different seasons, their final positions and make a concluson if age had any impact on the team performance. If you have any different ideas please let me know. I would like to see the first excel draft with the inserted data today, not later than 3am Central European Time. It may be just inserted data, without conclusion. It is a mandatory if you want to accept this assignment. Only excel draft is needed today, it may unfinished but with a lots of data. The final version with word doc. should be sent by Sunday Evening.