Select one person that works in a business professional environment and request a 30 minute interview with that person. Before the interview, come up with a list of at least 10 questions to ask that individual (you may not get a chance to ask all 10, but please have 10 prepared). These questions should relate to the course content. Some examples: How do you define professionalism in your job? What, in your opinion, is the most important aspect to effective business communication? Make sure to take notes during the course of the interview to assist you in writing the paper. After the interview, write a 3 page paper that summarizes your interview. Include what surprised you. Include how their answers meshed (or did not) based on what you learned in this course. Include the name, position, and company of the person you interviewed. And of course, please feel free to include any other observations/wisdom you gleaned from this interview. Please include with your paper your list of 10 prepared questions (not counted in the 3 pages). Hi, I think you don't really need to interview someone, you can just based on the instruction and create some questions. For the name, position, and company of the person, I will make it up once you finished the paper. Important: my major is finance, so the person you write(create) may be a professional guy in investment or finance. Also, I attached all the ppt we learned from the class to help you write.