Search for an article on a current issue in Information Systems associated with big data and analytics ( use trade journals e.g. -CIO magazine, InformationWeek, BusinessWeek, ComputerWorld etc). Briefly explain the issues in the article and how it impacts/affects local and global businesses. This is a discussion forum, so limit your responses to between 120 and 150 words. Below is a sample The article is titled "CIOs Should Push Big Data Projects but Prioritize Privacy" and is found in CIO magazine, under the Analysis tap which is next to the News tap..http://www.cio.com/article/753612/CIOs_Should_Push_Big_Data_Projects_but_Prioritize_Privacy appearing on Mon, June 02, 2014. The article explains the White House initiative geared towards protecting the privacy of consumers while also allowing the government and private entities to leverage/take advantage of the huge benefits inherent in data analytics. Big data analytics-the collection, analysis, and use of the resultant knowledge (knowledge discovery) is the next frontier in how firms compete, gain and sustain competitive advantages. However, privacy is a concern because of how the knowledge discovered through data analytics can be used in housing, credit ratings, employment, health, marketplace, education, and other consumer-based decision-making. Without the proper control, both the government and private entities can erode the gains made in personal privacy and civil rights protection