Scenario 1—What Are The Best Cars or SUVs for Business Use? Your group works for a large corporation (Stellar Industries) that has several company vehicles that employees use to travel to company sites throughout the state. There are many instances when employees need to use the company cars for business travel out of state. As a result, the fleet of cars has become rundown, and many of them are past the point of repair. Your boss, Johnathan Franco, asked your team to recommend a car or SUV that your company could purchase to keep the distant employees in contact, as well as one they could use for business travel out of state. The vehicles should be cost effective (as you would need to purchase a fleet of 8) and have a high resale value; they should reduce emissions, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and accommodate 3-6 passengers. Research Strategies: As a good employee who is anxious about getting a promotion, you understand that first, you must read about cars, and compose annotations on your sources and findings. Then you do the same for SUVs. You come to some conclusions about the programs based upon the criteria and then you make a recommendation based upon the analysis and conclusions. Your task: Prepare a recommendation report for your boss that compares at least three vehicles (either cars or SUVs) on the basis of at least three separate criteria that you established during the research phase.