Samsung South Africa Describe the nature of Samsung's international operations in general, its specific interests in South Africa, its strategies. Research the implementation problems that has encountered in South Africa. Indicate, to the extent that data is available, how those problems were dealt with. Analyze the 3 questions below: Strategy – Analyze the strategy (industry, products, markets, core competencies). What types of entry modes did Samsung use in South Africa. Does the mode(s) fit Samsung’s goals and objectives? What is Samsung’s competition in South Africa? Are there local partners? Marketing – Assess Samsung’s marketing mix in South Africa, its promotional practices, pricing, branding strategies –standardized or differentiated marketing program? What are the characteristics of Samsung’s customers in South Africa. Ethics, CSR: How does Samsung’s code of conduct or ethics address risks such as bribery and corruption? Is Samsung’s code specifically for South Africa or is the code the same for all of the countries in which it operates? Does Samsung’s CSR program address local community, stakeholders’ concerns, and supplier relationships?