Review the Legal “System of Health Care Statutory Laws,” whether it be Federal or State Statutory or Administrative Law. Then determine, as best you can, which ‘LAW’ should, in your opinion, be ‘modified’ or ‘repealed.’ Then clearly explain your answer, by also referencing legal principles. ORAscertain, as best you can, what particular type of ‘legislation’ should be designed & enacted. Outline briefly the law you propose. Outline the key aspects of such new legislation. Justify your answer here. Review the Legal “System of Health Care Case Law,” whether it be the Federal or the State Court System. Determine, as best you can, what ‘case law’ you think should be ‘modified’ or ‘overturned’ and why, also referencing legal principles. OR Ascertain, as best you can, if you were to initiate a law suit, determine the case, outline the legal principles, argue your case, and explain your answer. In doing so, assure that your case would be considered precedent setting in terms of stare decisis. Summarize your understanding of the three major principles in Personnel Law and how each relates to an individual’s right under the US Constitution. Thank you for taking this course as I wish you a successful career.