research and report on the organizations listed with their corresponding websites below and write a one and a half page summary of organization's purpose/function/mission and benefits and resources it offers to members and the general public (if public resources are available). All 5 organization reports must be submitted in a single paper with the organizations used as divider headers. This paper must contain paraphrases of organization website contents with proper APA source crediting in the paper body and in an attached "Reference(s)" page and with no content copied directly from the sites (the latter constitutes plagiarism and will void the assignment points and result in a course grade of "F" if more than one instance is detected). Professional Organizations for use in this assignment: American Psychological Association (APA) http://www.apa.org American Counseling Association (ACA) http://www.counseling.org American School Counseling Association (ASCA) www.schoolcounselor.org Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) http://www.siop.org American Psychology and Law Society http://www.ap-ls.org