Regardless of your subject the general outline of your final paper should look like this; Introduction – Your introduction should describe the nature and structure of the organization that you are analyzing, focusing on the different levels of employees in the organization and their IT needs. Other topics to cover in this section could include what business pressures your company is facing and how technology can help them to meet the demands of these pressures, how IT supports people and organizational activities in your company and an analysis of the organization’s internal operations against Porter's value chain model and Porter’s competitive forces model. Organization’s Current Infrastructure and Use of Information Systems – Topics to cover in this section include your organization’s current network architecture, use of mobile and wireless technologies, use of transaction processing systems and functional information systems, such as production and operations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and human resource information systems, use of enterprise applications for supply chain management, enterprise resource management, business process management, product lifecycle management, and/or customer relationship management.