Reflection and improvement are important parts of your everyday personal and professional life. Take time to think about what you've learned and done in this course. What do you know how to do that you couldn't do before? How have you grown? What strengths and skills have you developed or strengthened? Has your professional image changed? How? What about your goals? In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your next steps and develop an action plan based upon the feedback you've received. After completing this assignment, you will be equipped to revise your ePortfolio. Access the Reflections and Next Steps Reference Tool by clicking here. Use this as reference. Review your ePortfolio and make mental note of the exhibits you've added throughout this course. Review your Career Plan along with the feedback you received on it from Career Services. Also review all the other written assignments you've completed in this course, and reflect on your ePortfolio presentation. Gather all the feedback you've received from peers, instructors, and other professionals, including career services and your program. Identify any themes that may help you understand your professional trajectory. Write your answers to the following questions: How would you summarize your career development in this course? In what ways have you made progress toward workplace readiness? What are your three career goals for the immediate future? How will you pursue those goals? What do you still need to improve about your ePortfolio exhibits before they are in their final form? How will you make those revisions before the end of the course? Your action plan should also include written responses that address the following: Explain the action steps you will take to continue building your ePortfolio. Remember that you will continue to develop your portfolio in NTRN265. What ePortfolio needs will you fill during the next course? What still needs to be replaced, added, filled in, and so on? Discuss how you will successfully articulate your skills in future job interviews and other future job searches and opportunities. Submit your written action plan in MS Word document format using the "Submit" link on this page. Double-space your written response.