Refer to the structural model (CRC cards and class diagram) that you created for the Holiday Travel Vehicles Minicase in Chapter 5 (attached). Based on your performance, Holiday Travel Vehicles was so satisfied that they wanted you to develop both the functional and behavioral models so that they could more fully understand both the interaction that would take place between the users and the system and the system itself in greater detail. Based on the structural model you created in Chapter 5 and the problem description in Chapter 5, create a functional model (use case diagram, activity diagrams, and use case descriptions) for the business processes associated with the Holiday Travel Vehicles sales system. Create a sequence and a communication diagram for each scenario of each use case identified in the functional model. Create a behavioral state machine for each of the complex classes in the class diagram. Perform a CRUDE analysis to show the interactivity of the objects in the system. Perform a verification and validation walkthrough of each model: functional, structural, and behavioral.