Question 1 What are the humans looking at in their initial position? The sun Artifacts Shadows Each other Question 2 After one is dragged out of the cave, the last thing that one sees is __________. the sun shadows reflections in pools objects in the realm of the sun Question 3 According to Plato, how do humans find themselves initially in the cave? Walking around searching for the truth Shackled to their seats With the goal of moving out of the cave Staring at a fire Question 4 According to Plato, the sun outside the cave is __________. happiness the form of the good the truth for those in the cave heaven Question 5 According to Plato, what would the people in the cave do to the person who had been outside the cave after this person returned to the cave? Welcome him Listen to the teachings of her new knowledge Try to kill him Make him king of the realm of the cave Question 6 Match the explanation with the appropriate Key Term Purpose Information Point of view Assumptions Concepts Breadth Clarity Logic Inference Intellectual relativity A. General categories or ideas that humans use to interpret and classify the information that comes into their thinking B. Those things that humans take for granted based on their past experiential knowledge C. The idea that nothing can be proven to be true D. Data, facts, and observations that are used by human reason to understand its reality E. A step of the mind whereby someone concludes that something is true based on something else being true or seeming to be true F. Thinking that demonstrates consideration of alternative points of view G. The goal of objective of thinking H. Gateway intellectual standard that determines whether a statement is accurate or relevant I. The frame of reference, perspective, or worldview that underlies one’s reasoning J. Combination of thoughts that are mutually supporting and make sense in combination