Assume that the user has two coupons: one for $15 off a purchase or $50 or more and the other that is 20% off any purchase. Ask the user to enter the purchase amount. Do the necessary calculations and display whether it will save him or her more money to user the first or the second coupon. For example, with a $100 purchase the user has to pay $85 if the first coupon is applied and $80 if the second coupon is applied (the second coupon saves more money). With a $30 purchase, the first coupon is not applicable, but with the second coupon the user has to pay $24, so the second is better. Finally, if the bill is $60, the user pays $45 with the first coupon and $48 with the second, so the first coupon saves more. Save your code as a text file or a Word document and submit here.