question for project 111

Based on the Case Study Number 27 “Delta Airlines 2012: Navigating an Uncertain Environment”, answer the following question:

You have been hired as a strategic management consultant by Delta Airlines.  What specific recommendations would you make to the senior management team in the development of their strategic management plans with the issues facing their company?  Be specific and provide logical justifications.

You need not write a synopsis, or identify the resources, capabilities, and core competencies.  You should, however, understand what their resources, capabilities, and core competencies are.

Using the findings of fact format, discuss, in detail, any recommendations you may have.  You are required to submit three fully justified findings of fact and the paper should be at least 11 or 12 pages

The case will be provide it to you, and that would be the main source for the paper, the case, consist of 17 pages. Also a example of what the paer should look like would be provide it too.