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10.2 Assignment: Summary Report

Directions: You are required to submit a Summary Report of your Action Research Project. Guidelines for writing the Summary Report are in the Project Instructions.

The summary report provided in the discussions will briefly outline the entire project. The following are minimum requirements for this summary:

  • Name and describe the agency/organization at which the Action Research Project was completed.
  • Expectations and goals identified in the planning process (where possible, also compare to actual outcomes).
  • Description of the Action Research Project responsibilities.
  • What was most significant about the organizational analysis?
  • What was learned from the experience?
  • Correlations between the literature search and the Action Research Project

Other suggestions that can be included:

  • “On the job” anecdotes (most memorable, most embarrassing moments, etc.).
  • Job or professional opportunities presented by the Action Research Project (for student or others)
  • Suggestions for other learners in the area of the Action Research Project.
  • A look to the future in the area of the Action Research Project.

Project Instructions-5.docx