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  1. Which best describes the main conflict in “The Convict and the Bishop”?

    Valjean struggles to become a good man but his own despair and the prejudices of others make it difficult for him to escape his past and start over.

    The bishop and Valjean are two very different men—one is good and the other is evil. The tension between them sets up the main conflict of the story.

    Valjean cannot find a place to sleep or anything to eat.

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  1. Once the boys catch the fish, the main conflict seems to be over. Which best describes why the short story “The Strangers That Came to Town” continues long after the main conflict is resolved?

    The narrator needed more time to present the themes after the conflict had been resolved.

    In a story that involves multiple characters, a writer will often include information about what happens after the main conflict is resolved.

    Because this is a short story about a family and not about action or suspense, multiple resolutions are needed to explain what happens to the family.

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  1. Which sentence uses first-person point of view?

    “Can’t you be quiet?” he snapped and continued to read the newspaper.

    Just take it easy, he thought to himself. There’s no need to get upset this early in the season.

    The house was just as you remembered it from years ago. Nothing had changed.

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  1. Read the sentence.

    My family is taking a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer.

    Which sentence uses the word trip in the same context as the example sentence?

    Be careful, or you will trip on the carpet!

    I decided to take a trip to my grandmother’s house for my break.

    The thief tried to break in, but he tripped the alarm and was caught.

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  1. Read the sentence.

    My teacher asked us to face the front of the room.

    Which best identifies the meaning of the italicized word?

    The visible surface of something

    To be positioned with your face toward something

    To confront something