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  1. Which identifites thetype of conflict faced by Archibald Craven?

    man vs. self

    man vs. society

    man vs. nature

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  1. Read the description.

    Even though she has been told to ignore it, Mary goes out in search of the source of the crying noise.

    Which best describes Mary’s character, based upon this description?

    She is curious and independent.

    She is easily disturbed from her sleep.

    She is afraid of the world around her.

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  1. Which is a theme of The Secret Garden?

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  1. Which best explains why secret garden is a symbolfor the human spirit?

    The roses have wound themselves around the old tree, and a robin has come to nest in the bushes.

    The garden is dying due to neglect, but it comes back to life when it is nurtured and cared for.

    The author explains that the secret garden is a symbol for the human spirit.

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  1. Which best explains Archibald Craven’s role in the central conflict of The Secret Garden?

    He is too controlling of Mary, leading her to run away from the house and its inhabitants.

    The way he separates himself from others represents all of the secrets that are kept in the story, while his change represents new life.

    He accepts the guidance and compassion of others, causing Mary to question her own relationships.