5 page paper needed asap 5

  • Paper Requirements 
  • Access the Gartner site used in the Blog assignment and scroll through the top 25 companies. Choose one that interests you. Use the COD database for business articles that focus on supply and purchasing strategies for your chosen company. Research the company’s supply and purchasing processes and include:
  • Their “Best Practices” that made them a succes in this area and how each relates to various portions of your textbook.
  • How they compare to others within their industry in supply chain strategies.
  • Have they been on the list before, or fallen off for any reason? This should be a minimum of 5 pages and half of what you write should be discussion and use of book concepts and terms.
  • Include a Works Cited page MLA format and internal citations within the document in parentheses

Article I want to use for Apple 


Textbook Required

Required Textbooks/Supplies Title Purchasing and Supply Management(text has student website for reviews,etc.) Author Michiel Leenders; P. Fraser Johnson; Anna Flynn; Harold E. Fearon ISBN 978-0-07-337789-6 Publisher McGraw-Hill Higher Education Publication Date July 13, 2010 Binding Trade Cloth Type Print