I need a journal source for my English composition class

The requirements are below, my issue topic is Diversity of Black Education and I need four sources.  Please don’t plagiarize because we use a system where the teacher can detect plagiarism.  How much will it cost?

You will be required to keep a formal research journal that will be checked off twice before the research paper is due. For each source that you find, you will be required to formally cite the source in MLA format and provide a brief annotation for each source. You will use these sources to create an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography will have a minimum of four annotations that you can use to develop the discussion in your research paper. You can use the same sources, citations, and annotations in your final research paper.

Annotated Bibliography:

1)MLA format is required for citations

  1. Annotations should include a brief summary (not a copy and paste of the article/book’s abstract) of the content of the source AND a critical evaluation of the content. You should verify the qualifications/credibility of the author; determine the point of view of the author and assess the degree of bias in the source (if any); determine the original audience; note how you plan to use the source in your paper by explaining how the source will help build and support your argument (or oppose it).
  2. Annotations should be in paragraph format and should be proofread before submitting.
  3. The annotated bibliography should be treated as a formal writing assignment. NOTE: If the annotated bibliography is completed correctly and is formatted properly, you will find that you will have very little work (and writing) left to do for the final research paper.

We just have to cite the source and write about half page on the journal we cited