I Need this question answer in a Paragraph each please

Consider the following cases and explain how Thomson will decide whether it’s OK to go ahead with an abortion in each one. Make sure you give Thomson’s reasons for her stand on these cases, including the sorts of questions she brings up for each.

  1. A married couple has intercourse in order to start a family. She gets pregnant but then about 2 months into the pregnancy they split up and now the woman wants an abortion.  Does Thomson think it’s morally acceptable for her to have it? Why or why not?
  2. Someone who had careless intercourse with someone later finds out in her 8th month of pregnancy that she is pregnant. Now she wants an abortion. Does Thomson think this is a case where it’s morally OK to have one? Why or why not? (Note: This one is controversial. I am not seeking what someone else thinks about this—give Thomson’s position)
  3. Someone who used contraception gets pregnant and wants an abortion in her 2nd month. Does Thomson think this is a case where it’s OK to have an abortion? Why or why not?