answer these questions 1

Examine the challenges related to the evolution of formal organizations. How does the changing nature of work benefit (or hinder) the employee? 

Examine the role of the family, schools, and peer groups and their influences on the presentation of self. Why might someone present themselves in a different manner within each of these groups? 

Identify each stage of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development. Determine which stage you currently fall into and why. If you do not think you fall into any, then theorize. Briefly explain yourself. 

Describe four benefits of the “McDonaldization” of society. Provide three examples of how this has benefited our society as a whole. 

Examine the social constructs of feeling, gender, and humor. How do these relate to the presentation of self? Provide examples that show the correlation between the influence of society and how we present ourselves. 

How do you think Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development could affect how someone constructs reality? For example, in Stage 4: Preadolescence, if a child fears that he/she does not measure up, it could affect how he/she views his/her world. (Look at the social construction of reality as a reference.)