World History Discussion Questions

In this assignment, you will engage in a discussion about the impact of international trade on early complex Chinese and African cultures. In both cultures, the increase in trade influenced the development of their cultures in dramatic—and different—ways. Take a close look at the cultural development in these areas between the years 1000 and 1500 CE. Comparing the positive and negative effects of trade in those regions to international patterns of trade today can help you understand current trade practices and why some nations prosper while others suffer.

When responding to the discussion questions, be sure to reference course materials to support your conclusions and opinions. You will be evaluated on how well you support your claims.


      • Contrast the effects of international trade on Mali between 1000 and 1500 CE and on China in the same period. In each, were the effects largely positive or negative? Explain your answer.
      • Much of the United States’s economy is based on international trade. What parallels do you see between Mali and China and the United States in terms of trade-influenced development? Be specific.
      • Many of the lessons learned in China and Mali are still relevant today. What can we learn from an analysis of the successes and failures of these two nations? Specify at least two lessons.