Writing Assignment. 3 &1/2 pages

Writing Assignment 2

Length: 800 or more words, approximately 3 ½ pages

Format: MLA

Points: 100 points

After stretching your critical thinking skills by analyzing your view and an author’s view on education, you are ready to advance to the next stage of analysis by discovering the complexities (or questions) of an issue. The uncritical mind sees an issue as having only two sides- for and against. But, the critical mind stops and considers other views, solutions, implications, and subtleties.

Purpose: Analysis should always spring from a careful examination of a given subject. Part of developing a meaningful analysis is to explore the complexities of the subject. For this reason, you do not always need to state your thesis as a definitive argument that shows how you feel in no uncertain terms. Instead, it is often desirable to show your ambivalence about your position as long as you are clear about why you feel this way. Understanding some of the complexities of an issue can be done through an issue dialogue, illustrated in chapter 3.


1)Select an issue or policy on a topic you find interesting or important. You can use one of your problems or decisions. **

2)Use the CCBC Library Database to research two or more differing views of the policy or issue. This means a minimum of two sources.

3)Write on your own position, considering all of the places where you got your information from in the first place;

4)Write on the opposite point of view, again, considering all the places where you have heard these perspectives articulated.

5)Continue by writing a dialogue in which you take both sides seriously by fully considering the merits of each viewpoint. This is not an argumentative essay!

6)How did your own position change as you considered other points of view? What possible compromises did you come to?

Write a multi-paragraph issue dialogue where you first introduce your topic and then present a dialogue between two differing views. Use your sources (with in-text citations, of course) for evidence. Conclude by responding to question 6 above. Include a Works Cited page for the sources.

** Do not use abortion, gun control, or gay marriage. 

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