Collaborative Planner

It is critical to engage a diverse range of key players involved in planning for change in an organization or school. For this assignment, please create a collaborative planner that models the planner available in Step Six which is attached at bottom. For each of the 11 strategy areas (see shaded areas in the chart below), provide a description of your evidence or how you plan to address each area in your plan. The Collaborative Planner is intended to assist in planning for meeting with your stakeholders to implement and proceed with your change efforts. 

The description of your evidence should be written in narrative format in full sentences (not bullet points) and should provide detailed evidence for how you will address each area. Evidence should thoroughly explain how you will address each area and should reflect best practices for collaboration and stakeholder empowerment. Use at least 2 sources to support your evidence and plans. Use APA format for all formatting, citations, and references. Paper should be 3 to 4 pages in length