Topic Selection for further project * only 3 sentences *

Final Project Part 1: Topic Selection (only about three sentences)

The final project gives you the opportunity to use what you have learned throughout the course. It will be completed in a series of three steps.



Recommended Due Date


Topic Selection

End of week 1


Topic Development

End of week 3


Final paper

Week 4

Select one of the tasks below and come up with a short proposal (about three sentences) in which you specifically describe what you plan to do in your paper.

  1. Choose a local artist, musician, author, religious leader, museum director, local historian, or other person who contributes to the cultural life of your community. Conduct an interview with them (in person or through electronic means) and write a paper describing their work and the impact it has on the community. (Your instructor may allow modification of this assignment if appropriate for your situation.)
  2. Choose a specific cultural controversy in your local community. Some examples include issues of local censorship of art or literature; funding for the arts in the schools or in the local community; representing cultural or religious diversity in the arts or in the schools. Write a report describing the controversy and come up with a possible solution that would best benefit the community. 
  3. A topic related to this course that you choose and your instructor approves. If you choose this option, you will need to email your instructor before handing in your topic selection assignment to make sure that your topic is appropriate.

I would like to work with one the writer on the whole project. As soon as Step 1 is approved I will post Step 2 as a new assignment.