research a specific leadership theory

For this assignment, you are asked to research a specific leadership theory that you feel would be appropriate for the principal of your local elementary school and answer the following questions:

  • What are the principles of the theory?
  • What kinds of actions would a leader following this theory take?
  • How might the existing culture of your school affect the success of this leadership approach?
  • How might the diversity of cultures in the school community affect the success of this approach?
  • Assume that your school has a problem with absenteeism. What steps would a leader, using the theory you have selected, take to address this problem? How would the leader involve the community? 

Be sure to conduct good academic research. Research is not a summary of one or two sources but is a synthesis (blend) of information from a variety of sources. Be sure to include a parenthetical reference for each source used and list it as a reference using APA format.