Assignment Title – Development of an e-commerce website Task description You will develop a…


Title – Development of an e-commerce website

Task description

You will develop a prototype (front end) of e-commerce website for a real or fictional business.

This assignment includes 2 parts:
– Assignment 2-1 is a system analysis and front-end website design document.
-   Assignment 2-2 is a prototype of an e-commerce website which is built   according to Asignment2-1. (The prototype may not fully operate, and  you  don't need to write programs.)


Assignment 2-1
– You should outline the business background and its customers/visitors, and the aim of developing the website.
– You should analyse the business by utilizing at least 2 of the following tools
o SWOT analysis
o Audience analysis
o Environment analysis
o Risk analysis
o Scope analysis
o Structure chart
– You should determine the objectives to develop the website according to the above business analysis. The objectives include
o Online marketing – You should determine and discuss a marketing strategy in the context of the website.
o   Online sale/purchase – The website should have at least 10 products   within at least 4 categories. Visitors can complete purchase from   viewing a catalogue through to receiving order confirmation.
o   Customer centric design – You should analyse the targeted visitors, and   develop solutions for usability, accessibility, interactivity,   personalization, etc.
o Trust creation and maintenance – You should outline and explain types of trust that are relevant to the website.

o Other objectives, such as implementation of security, recruitment, special e-commerce environment, new e-payment system, etc.
-   You should develop your solutions (functions, features and/or   components of the site) for the above objectives. For example,   catalogue, shopping cart and transaction processing are the basic   functions for online sale. Business information, customer support/help,   security statement, privacy policy, virtual community, etc. are  examples  for one or more objectives. Relating current technologies,  such as Web  2.0, mobile technology and artificial Intelligence, will be  a bonus. You  should try to avoid functions, components or features  that annoy the  visitors.
– You should utilise a concept map to summarise the relationship among the above aim, objectives and solutions.
-   You should design the website according to the above analysis, where o   You should ustilise a navigation map hyperlink structure design, and o   You should utilise story boards for web page design.
You should organise document contents logically.

You can revise or update the   analysis/design document after it is submitted initially, and submit the   updated version of Assignment2-1 together with Assignment2-2. In the   updated version, changes must be highlighted or indicated clearly.   Significant changes to the original analysis/design indicate a poor   original analysis/design, and therefore you can't get additional marks   from the revision work.

Assignment 2-2

You are required to build an e-commerce   website by utilizing an authoring tool. Microsoft Expression Web 4 is   recommended. Your website must be assessable without installing it to a   server.

– Your website should completely and accurately implement the design in Assignment2-1.
– Your website should be user-friendly according to customer centered design.
-   Hyperlinks in your website should be intuitive and functional. While   programs for the back-end processing are not required, the site should   explain the back-end processes, where appropriate. For example, you   designed to include a search function, which allows a visitor to enter   keywords and click a button or use the Enter key to activate a search.   Although the search function may not actually operate, the site should   respond with a dummy search result, or provide an explanation about what   happens.