atheism and freud 5 pages

PARAMETERS: The paper should be 5-6 pages, preferably 5, double spaced. No need for secondary sources at all, but you MUST quote our primary sources abundantly. (One or two secondary sources won’t be frowned upon, but not necessary.) Don’t worry too much about citation etiquette, just make sure to give me page numbers at least. Pass Plagiarism check. Due friday 4/24 Midnight.

NOTES: The above is per the prof. I prefer and always use MLA if that is at all possible. If not I completely understand. This asks about 3 different people, I would like to focus on Freud.

ASSIGNMENT: As you know, after the midterm, we moved on to more elegant atheism. Whereas “ditchkens” treated religions as obsolete as the spleen, to the degree they knew anything about religion at all, our authors since then take religion as a very serious opponent indeed. And they know a lot about Christianity.

Your first task is to pick one author: Feuerbach, Freud, Nietzsche, or the Grand Inquisitor (don’t focus on Dostoevsky, but on the alter persona of the Grand Inquisitor–Dostoevsky himself was an extreme Christian). Summarize their arguments against Christianity. Do this in detail. This should be the majority of your paper, 4 pages, more or less.

Finally, ask yourselves some evaluative questions. Do you find the arguments of these “elegant” atheists more or less powerful than those of the theologically illiterate atheists you read earlier in the course, namely, Harris, Hitchens, and Dawkins? I don’t want to color in your coloring book here. Make up your own mind.

Other evaluative questions you may ask yourselves. Does your author succeed in doing what he set out for himself to do? In destroying Christian faith, does your author ask for faith in something else, in his own analysis for example? If you’re a theist, can the atheist critique actually make you a better Christian?

REFERENCES: Attached is our reading on Freud. That is the only primary ref provided. Please let me know if you need more.